[10951] Quality Assurance Engineer

$600 - $900
Cơ khí/ Lắp ráp
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Specific Responsibilities:


  1. RFQ REVIEW: Reviews RFQ, COS samples and drawings with PS and assures there is adequate information to provide an accurate and timely quote.
  2. FQ REVIEW: Reviews the factory quotation in detail and assures the SI Factory Quote is accurate and is in accordance with the RFQ, samples and drawings. Reviews factory prices and compares to current market data to insure quotes are reasonable and accurate. Works closely with Factory to provide complete, accurate and detailed BOM cost breakdown on each quote. 
  3. NEW FACTORY QUALIFICATION: Works with PS to qualify new factory, makes sure the selected factory has proper manufacturing capabilities, quality management system, and social compliance in place. Perform on-site audit as assigned by management.
  4. SAMPLES & PROTOTYPES: Prior to receipt of formal Purchase Order for products, reviews samples and prototypes of new products to evaluate conformance to drawings, specifications and customer requests. Advises on needed changes. Follows up on sample requests to ensure they meet customer requirements and are shipped in a timely manner.
  5. PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLES (PPS): Following receipt of formal Purchase Order for a new product, responsible for development and approval of PPS. Monitors and maintains schedule of new product development in SIS. Works with factory to solve any technical issues occur during product development.
  6. FIRST PRODUCTION APPROVAL (FPA): Evaluates first production at Factory for conformance to drawings, PSSQAP and customer requirements, and gives approval for factory to begin production.
  7. PRODUCT SPEC SHEET / QAULITY ASSURANCE PLAN (PSS/QAP): In teamwork with PS, QAT and Factory develops, reviews, and approves all new and revised PSS/QAP prior to release to Customer. Researches appropriate test standards and provides technical assistance and advice on appropriate testing techniques and procedures.
  8. INSPECTION & TESTING: Reviews the inspection reports and takes corrective actions as needed directing the activities of the QAT for a Total Quality Focus. Designs the test protocol and monitors the In-Factory and Lab Testing programs for compliance with established procedures and techniques. Conducts testing in Factory whenever needed.
  9. ENGINEERING CHANGE REQUESTS (ECR): Initiates ECR and obtains approval from customer. Follows through with ECR to ensure PSS/QAP is revised and reissued and changes are implemented at next production run.
  10. CORRECTIVE ACTION PLANS (CAP): Takes charge of customer quality complaint and initiates and creates formal Corrective Action Plans (CAP) in teamwork with factory and PS/QAT. Follows up the execution of CAP and evaluates the effectiveness before closing the CAP.
  11. PRICE CHANGE REQUEST (PCR): In teamwork with PS works with Factory on justifications for PCR and prepares cost analysis to support requested price changes. Initiates and develops ideas for reducing costs on Customer’s products through suggested changes in materials, production techniques, packaging, container loading, etc.
  12. CAD DRAWINGS: Reviews Customer & Factory CAD drawings and assists Factory in complete understanding of Customer’s product requirements. Archives and controls product drawings through PSS/QAP and authorizes release and revision of drawings.



  1. Help source and research new factories when the existing core SI Factory base is not adequate to produce the new customer’s products.
  2. Research product testing standards in countries where SI products are shipped to gain a full and complete understanding of them. Ensures the factory is also familiar with the test standards and requirements and provides adequate traceability.
  3. Initiates continuous improvements to all products and all procedures of new product development and quality assurance in an effort to improve product performance while decreasing product and process costs.
  4. Serves as a training sponsor as assigned by management, with the goal of preparing the new QAE for their duties at Source International by familiarizing them with the QMS AND SI-SOP, as well as basic job duties and thought processes necessary to the success of the position.
  5. Ensures efficient and safe use of company resources and tools.
  6. Uses good judgment in regards to travel expense cost and keeps accurate and honest records and receipts. Inquires about and understands travel reimbursement policy and obtains prior approval when required. Submits expense reimbursement request honestly according to SI-SOP only for exact amount as spent.
  7. Other duties as assigned from time to time by the management.

Yêu cầu

Trình độ học vấn: University
Số năm kinh nghiệm: 2 năm
Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Có thể làm việc)
Kỹ năng:


·                 Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or other technical field or significant quality management experience.

·                  Minimum 2 years related working experience; quality control and manufacturing experience is highly desirable.

·                 Familiar with specific manufacturing processes and materials including metals, plastics, wood, textile, electronic and other products;

·                 Skilled in Computer Aided Design software (AutoCAD, Pro/E, Solidworks, etc.)

·                 Fluent in spoken and written English;

·                 Quality control and Manufacturing experience is highly desirable;

·                 Team player, willing to travel.

Bằng cấp/chứng chỉ:

·                 Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or other technical field or significant quality management experience.

Thời gian

Full time

Thu nhập

Lương: $600 - $900

Phúc lợi

Bảo hiểm theo quy định

Ngày nghỉ

12 ngày / năm


Nhà tuyển dụng

Source Int

Việt Nam
1 - 10 nhân viên
Cơ khí/ Lắp ráp

We are Source International. As one of the largest global manufacturing management companies in North America, we apply American management expertise to foreign manufacturing, giving you all the benefits of substantial cost savings and supply, coupled with systems and methodology that assure your specifications and standards will be matched or exceeded. Since our founding in 1989 in Louisville, Kentucky, we have pioneered and honed a system that gives our customers nearly limitless global manufacturing capacity, while eliminating concerns about control issues. No misunderstandings about manufacturing standards or concerns about raw material availability or quality. No substandard workmanship. No delivery logistics black holes. We are your guide to navigate you through what is, for us, familiar territory. Our experience eliminates unpleasant surprises for you. At all times, you are in control. While our size and volume have steadily grown over the years, we remain totally dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. Harness the competitive power of global manufacturing through Source International and give your company the competitive edge.

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